Thursday, 1 November 2012

The Role Of Media In Bringing Public Awareness

In today’s world, media has made a very special place for itself in our lives. If I say that today, media has become as important as food and clothing, then I don t think so that I am over exaggerating anything.

The term media refers to several different forms of communication required to educate and make a socially aware nation. The communication forms can be radio, television, cinema, magazines, newspapers, and/or Internet-based web sites. These forms often play a varied and vital role in our society.

With the evolution in the field of economic reforms, India has witnessed a major advancement in the role played by the media. Media has impacted our society in many ways. It has always played a very crucial role as a source of information, education and entertainment.

 The media play an important role in increasing public awareness and formation of their views and attitudes toward certain issues. There is no denial that media is playing a very significant role in making the world smaller. Through various mediums of media whether it is radio, television, newspaper or internet, we are able to connect with large number of people around us. Especially internet has truly become the need of every individual both for our work and to connect with our friends and well wishers.

Besides connecting with our friends, media also informs us about the world happenings. In one line I can say that media is like a mirror of the society which reflect each and everything about the society to us. Media people from television and print takes the risk of their lives to inform us about important news. To some extent I can compare these brave journalists with our soldiers who do not bother about their lives and takes the responsibility to aware the general masses about the truth. I think it is almost impossible to imagine a life without media.
But media is not just confine to informing us about the world happenings and serving a means to connect with people, in fact it also affects out thinking patterns as well. The way we think and perceive various issues about the world is also shaped up by media. Today everyone especially youth is growing so aware about his responsibilities towards society is because of media. Campaign such as Teach India and Jaago Grahak Jaago helps in spreading awareness about human rights and duties.
When it comes to media, how can one forget to talk about the entertainment industry? Entertainment is something that one can not live without. Be it movies, radio, internet etc., media is just everywhere in our life. Today entertainment is so easily available that every common person is able to afford it. Music and movies are so easily available to us through the internet that one does not have to spend loads of money on them.
We must not forget the fact that there are some honest communication forms also. These forms often put their lives at risk to inform us about an event or activity. These events/activities may be in the form of a terrorist attack, natural disaster and sting operation to eradicate the social evil, viz. corruption and/or other crime related news. Thus, these forms result in creating awareness amongst the society.
But one also can not overlook this fact that slowly commercialization is also coming in media. Media has a huge responsibility of conveying the truth and relevant information to the common man. But somewhere this seems to be taking a back seat for media people as they are focusing more on commercialization. Now a days, hot news which can help in increasing the TRP rates of the channel becomes the priority for them. But there are still some ethical people in media who are struggling to maintain the real purpose of it.
During the early days of advancement, media was not only informative but also catered to the development of a civilized society. These days, we find that the television channels and newspapers are racing and competing with each other to make fast money. In order to do so, the channels and news distributors are cashing on the news in an unethical way.
The condition is bad to such an extent that to become more popular and make more money, the communication medium have surpassed all the limits in misguiding the society. The fact that media is a critical resource in building a healthy and progressive society is nowhere observed within our communication forms.
Moreover, at times, the media also hurt the sentiments of the people. The information that people get to know from the media has a great power associated with it. It influences the masses in many ways. Further, the impact of an unethical and unprofessional information shared through the various communication forms leads to an avoidable aggression within our society.
Media is often considered as a mirror of the society. The main objective should be to inform, educate and entertain the people. These days, media has solely become the voice of some political parties. It presents the information in a more sensationalized form than ever before. The only motive is to attract the society and increase the TRP ratings.
The communication form(s) should be such that it provides a good atmosphere to enhance the process of binding the society and not breaking the unity amongst the society. We should never forget that if the various communication forms play their respective roles honestly and cohesively, no one can either weaken the strength of our society or stop the development of our nation.
If we just look around then we would find that there is no aspect of our life which is not touched and affected by media. Be it our work, relationships, education or entertainment, media is seen everywhere. And there is no denial that we can not live without media.

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